A Pampering Day at Whittlebury Hall

On 21st December I was officially off work for the Christmas holiday season, and my break started with a bang when I finally went to Whittlebury Hall for a Spa day… on my own!! Last Christmas, so nearly a year ago,  one of my daughters gave me a spa day gift voucher. As she rightly said, I deserved a bit of pampering.

Having some ME time has become a must in my life in order to be physically and mentally fit. There was a time when I found it egotistical to look after myself and to do things just for me, but since my health had been put under a lot of strains that year, I no longer feel bad about taking time to look after myself. I listen to the signs that my body sends me when it’s time to stop rushing around; I slow down, reflect, exercise, read or do anything that fills me with contentment. It could as simple as a walk in the woods, going to the cinema, or with a bit of pampering at home, or in this instance, at Whittlebury Hall.

Going to the spa was the best medicine to start the Christmas holiday season. At first I thought it would be difficult to spend the whole day there alone, but after the Crystal and Caldarium steam baths, the swimming pool and Jacuzzi baths, my whole body started to relax. Later after a nice light meal, I got a shoulder, neck and back massage which sent me into the most delicious afternoon sleep that I have had in years. My spa day at Whittlebury Hall was a real treat.

Remember, a bit of ME time will make wonders to your body and soul!!!!



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