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A Book and a Cup of Tea

My perfect trio when it’s cold outside: a book, a cup of green tea and a hot-water bottle.

I love reading and have a particular interest in books about Black history or novels set in in the past and present French Caribbean, my parents’ home.

When I was 14, my father bought my first book, written by a novelist from Martinique, Joseph Zobel. It was ‘La Rue Cases Nègres’, a real revelation that made me want to know more about my ancestors’ history, my parents’ homeland, my roots, my Martinique. Below is a non-exhaustive list of books with story lines set in the French Caribbean that I truly enjoyed and suggest you to discover/re-discover.


  • La Rue Cases Nègres,
  • Moi Tituba, Sorcière (one of my favourite novels), Maryse Condé
  • Traversée de la Mangrove, Maryse Condé
  • La Vie Scélérate, Maryse Condé
  • Pluie et Vent sur Télumée Miracle, Simone Schwartz-Bart
  • Texaco, Patrick Chamoiseau


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