My Fashion

On a Wedding Day

And finally the first opportunity of the year to wear something special and to be more like myself, Diana….Bravely, I went shopping alone, visiting my favourite shops to find the perfect guest wedding outfit. I knew what I wanted to wear, but I didn’t know how to dress my new curvier body which had changed the size of my arms and of my waistline. So I had to adapt my choice of clothing so that I could still feel beautiful and comfortable. I didn’t care that I had to wear size 16 clothes versus size’s 12 seven months earlier as long as I looked good and stylish. So I settled for an above the knee cocktail dress that wouldn’t clung to my waist and that would cover the top of my arms. I wore it with 7cm heels sandals.  Although I looked beautiful, I felt tired, dizzy, and ached everywhere but I made it: I could mingle with people and have a discussion about any subject and not about cancer for once in a long time. I could just be Diana, elegant, smiling and pleasant. Some people even complimented my cropped hair, finding me it stylish and edgy:  I accepted the compliment without feeling that I had to justify why my hair was so short. I felt free, yet tired by the happy crowd, the music, the light conversations fusing here and there, but I’d made it, I was socialising again, and I looked good!


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