I rediscovered  life’s simple pleasures at the tender age of 50. At this time I decided to start this blog to talk about anything and everything.  The need to do something  creative had grown over the years, and even more since I first became a mother many years ago. My interest in fashion and beauty trends as well as my natural willingness to help my friends find or redefine their fashion style kept some excitement in my life outside of work. But then, in autumn 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my newly born blog had to be put on hold so that I could concentrate on my health to win my battle against this disease. And after a long absence I naturally felt the need to return to my blog, this time with new posts on subjects from ‘beauty and fashion during and after cancer treatment’ to my life in England as a 53 year-old Parisian with French Caribbean roots, and my passion for dance, Afro-Caribbean culture and much more!

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