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Sparkly Christmas Decorations

Christmas is the perfect time when one can endlessly decorate their house with a myriad of fairy lights and sparkly decorations. This year, our Christmas colour scheme is clear, blue, pink, white, silver and grey. The white Christmas tree, which is covered with blue fairy lights, is adorned with fluffy white, clear, dark pink and blue baubles. To compliment the Christmas tree, I created and positioned some fake brown soil covered in artificial snow and  some silvery snow flake confetti at its base. The sitting room, hall and kitchen are also decorated with clear fairy lights and vintage style snowflakes throughout. The sofas in the sitting room are covered with cosy warm white throws and lots of large white and  grey faux-fur cushions.

One of my friends said that our home looked like a winter wonderland!! I showed her how easy it would be to add a wonderful touch of  white Christmas magic into her home. All you really have to do is transform any existing pieces of decoration that you have at home. I do this a lot with glass items, like the pear in the photo above.

How I decorated the pear: to create a snow-like coat I laid some silvery fluffy garland inside the glass pear, then I positioned some tiny silver baubles on top of the garland, hung a few more baubles inside the pear and in the middle of the snow-like base, and finally I added a glossy white tiny church  that can be lit. To complete the magical effect, I glued a garland of blue/pink snowflakes on the outside of the pear… Et voilá!!!


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